Rationality in Two Paragraphs

I have friends who range from Trump supporters to Bernie fans, and from Marxists to Libertarians. Each of them thinks that they see things perfectly clearly, and that most of the rest of us are idiots. It seems to be a pretty universal trait. We all feel perfectly comfortable going on Twitter and judging which … Continue reading Rationality in Two Paragraphs

Some Optimism about Global Warming

Thinking about global warming puts a lot of my friends into a gloomy mood. That's understandable; It's going to be a massive challenge for us to deal with. But I have to admit, whenever I read about all of the advances and breakthroughs for addressing it, I can't help but feel excited about human ingenuity … Continue reading Some Optimism about Global Warming

The Trouble with Canceling Cancel-Culture

I put a lot of effort into trying to follow independent thinkers who are actively open-minded; high-decouplers who question everything, and don't just blindly accept the popular narratives of the day. Sometimes they get things wrong, of course, but when they get things right they are at the forefront of society's evolution towards progress. They … Continue reading The Trouble with Canceling Cancel-Culture